JavaScript is Hard.

Despite being an aspiring web developer and designer, my JS skills aren’t too sharp.

I’m working on fixing that by drowning myself in online tutorials, articles, blog posts… you get the idea. But the truth is, even though I’ve already learned the basics, I’m still a total beginner who forgets everything.

The hardest thing about JavaScript is that you need it. Always. It’s really what makes web pages truly dynamic. And the fact there are all ┬áthese strange, mystical words surrounding it is super intimidating. Words like “jQuery”, “Angular”, “node”, and “DOM”, among many others. It just makes me want to crawl into a corner and die.

Like, why are there “$” everywhere? Does knowing JavaScript make me money? …Actually, yes. JavaScript is one of the most in-demand languages for front end developers. So you have but one choice: deal with it.

To help those other *terrified* JavaScript learners, this is a list of the most fabulous resources I’ve found so far to try and help you survive.

I can’t even┬ábegin to stress how amazing Udemy is. AND go there right now because, for a limited time, all their courses are $15. And usually they are hundreds.


Technology over technique produces emotionless design. -Daniel Mall


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